Safe and clinically proven solutions to reduce healthcare workers injuries and infection risk while improving environmental sustainability rates.

Uncompromising safety standards for your facility and the environment

Hospital waste segregation and management solutions demand both rigid safety standards and flexibility to respond to changing conditions at a moment’s notice. Cleanaway Daniels can help your facility achieve this balance without compromising patient and staff safety while being compliant with all state and regulatory requirements, and minimising environmental impact.


Hazardous Waste
Secure Waste
Commingled Recycling
General Waste
Food Waste
Grease Traps
Bathroom and Hygiene
Skip Bins

Keeping patients and staff safe at all times

The importance of hospital waste management cannot be overstated. Done right, it saves lives, reduces infection transmission risk and improves sustainability.

Cleanaway Daniels partners with hospitals to understand and implement waste management solutions that improve quality of life and care for everyone on the premises and beyond. We also provide trackable waste collection and disposal service to meet regulatory and safety standards.

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