Sustainable and clinically safe dental waste management solutions.

Safe handling of hazardous healthcare waste

Dental waste management covers a range of waste streams, from hazardous chemical waste such as dental amalgam and X-rays to single-use items such as masks, gloves and cups to recyclables such as cardboard packaging and paper.

Cleanaway Daniels can help dental clinics and practices manage waste in an environmentally and safe manner without compromising compliance to state regulations, as suggested by the Australian Dental Association.


Bathroom and Hygiene
Document Destruction
General Waste
Secure Waste
Commingled Recycling

Safe dental waste disposal

No two dental practices are alike, requiring different waste solution mixes to fit individual needs.

Cleanaway Daniels partners with your practice to find the best solution that accounts for your daily operations and patient load. Our reusable sharps and clinical waste containers are touchless and bagless containers that reduce infection risk and are clinically proven to prevent needlestick injury, safeguarding employees, patients and the environment.

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