Day surgeries

Customised healthcare waste solutions to meet all regulatory and business demands.

Comprehensive waste management services for day surgeries

Outpatient surgery clinics waste management require a wide variety of waste services to create a comfortable atmosphere for patients and staff. Cleanaway Daniels offers complete day surgery facility waste management, from sharps and clinical waste to commingled and bathroom services.


Bathroom and Hygiene
Food Waste
Laparoscopic and Surgical Instruments
Secure Waste
Commingled Recycling
General Waste

Grows with you

Day hospitals surgery waste service requirements may vary frequently, making having a partner who can meet fluctuating demands and times important. Additionally, ambulatory surgery industry waste disposal practices have traditionally used bags and transferred waste by hands multiple times, endangering staff and patients.

Cleanaway Daniels partners with you to help maximise efficiency and support without sacrificing compliance and the environment. Our range of reusable and bagless containers are clinically proven to prevent needlestick injuries and reduce infection risk while diverting waste from landfill.

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