Cytotoxic waste management

Keep healthcare staff safe with our compliant and secure cytotoxic waste management solutions

Cytotoxic waste is defined as waste generated from the use of cytotoxic drugs. This may include but are not limited to:

  • Waste from cytotoxic treatment
  • Sealed disposed sharps containers
  • Disposable theatre wraps and gowns
  • Gloves and surgical mask

Cytotoxic drugs contain specific chemicals that are dangerous to cells, even after being used. This waste stream must be handled with care and caution to minimise exposure risk to patients and healthcare staff.

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cytotoxic and hazardous drug vials

Meet the CY64

The CY64 Cytotoxic bin from the Cleanaway Daniels Clinismart range

The CY64 Cytotoxic bin from the Clinismart range presents a revolutionary new way of isolating and securing trace cytotoxic waste disposal in an oncology setting. These bins are operated by foot pedals, minimising infection transmission risks. The cytotoxic waste bins also have temporary front locks to prevent tampering and are complemented with accessories designed to minimise odour expulsion and enable point-of-use accessibility in patient rooms and infusion bays.

The CY64 is designed with the same security and ease of use found in other Clinismart bins. It is reusable, minimises infection transmission and contamination of other waste streams. The leak-proof body and lid securely seals fluids and odours, making the CY64 perfect for containing the waste from cytotoxic treatment including vomit bags, dressings, laboratory research waste, sharps in sealed containers and more.

  • Reusable container
  • Secure locking systems
  • Maximized hardened plastic to minimize punctures
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Cytotoxic waste solutions

Cleanaway Daniels offers a variety of secure and compliant oncology waste treatment services, including reusable cytotoxic containers as well as single-use pails and bag that can help your facility reduce waste while maintaining a high level of care and safety.

The Cleanaway Daniels Difference

We partner with our clients to identify ways to integrate and improve waste management practices in respective facilities. This system ensures the safety of staff and patients in the facility as well as during the waste disposal process.

comfortable chairs for patients on scheduled medication


  • We provide clear labelling to aid cytotoxic waste disposal and segregation, supplemented with operational instruction and staff training
  • We identify potential security risks provide then appropriate accessories and/or measures to ensure safe practice


  • Each of our facilities has EPA approval in the storage and handling of high risk wastes
  • 24 hour CCTV security across our sites to safeguard against tampering or malpractice
  • EPA compliant waste tracking processes



The Robotic Washline technology used at Cleanaway Daniels processing facilities decants, washes, sanitises and dries Sharp smart reusable containers, resulting in a 106 log reduction in bacterial load. Containers are subjected to a stringent 8-step process that ensures it is safe for reuse before deployment.

Weigh and scan

After being added onto the robotic conveyor belt, containers are weighed and scanned to ensure traceability of origin.


The containers are automatically opened and upended to empty its content for processing


Containers are blasted with strong streams of water to flush out any residue, dried blood or residual fluid


The container is then put through a cold and hot water wash cycle


To ensure bacteria is eliminated, containers are rinsed twice with hot water at different temperatures


Containers are blow-dried to remove surface water


Containers are applied with a special coating that prevents sticky materials like adhesives, bodily fluids and blood from sticking

Manual Checks

All containers are put through a thorough quality assurance check to ensure they are undamaged and fit for service


General waste, recycling and more

As a total service provider, Cleanaway Daniels offers a full suite of waste management services with a comprehensive range of bin capacities, flexible collection schedules and sustainable options. These include but are not limited to:

  • General waste
  • Commingled recycling
  • Bathroom and sanitation
  • Industrial cleaning services
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Why sustainability is important to us

Doing business sustainably is important to us. We believe that we have an inherent responsibility to protect the world’s natural resources and to this end, we commit to choosing the most environmentally responsible methods of managing healthcare waste.