World-leading sharps container disposal and management service for healthcare facilities

Protect healthcare workers from sharps injuries with minimal impact to the environment

We believe that through partnership with our customers and relentless advocacy for safer and greener practices, together we can make a safe, sustainable future possible.

Sharps is a medical term describing objects with sharp points or edges that can cut or pierce skin. Injuries from sharps have a lasting impact on the emotional health and wellbeing of staff, and a substantial financial burden on facilities, highlighting the need for safe medical sharps disposal.

Safety engineered devices (SED) have helped to reduce needlestick injuries, however studies show a safe sharps containment system is essential to protect staff and patient safety. Non-activation of SED has caused many sharps injuries, making safe and secure sharps waste collection essential to lowering injuries.

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Why Choose Sharpsmart

reduced container related sharps injuries
reduced other sharps injuries
reduced total sharps injuries
2.1 tonnes
plastic waste reduced with Sharpsmart
940,000 kg
of disposable sharps containers eliminated from landfill with Sharpsmart
> 20,000 healthcare workers
saved from sharps injuries

The Cleanaway Daniels Sharpsmart reusable sharps waste collection containers have been clinically proven to reduce sharps injuries dramatically. Born from years of research, the engineered precision of Sharpsmart’s safety-led design includes 13 unique safety features, each designed to minimise sharps disposal risks. Learn more about our safe medical sharps disposal services now.

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Cleanaway Daniels Sharpsmart sharps bins and containers

Sharps solutions for all types of volumes and facilities

Cleanaway Daniels offers a variety of medical sharps containers, from the secure Sharpsmart system to the single-use BIO-CAN for home use, to the community-friendly Securesmart disposal container. Discover the full range of our sharps waste solutions below:

The Cleanaway Daniels Difference

We believe in being a partner, not just a waste provider. The Cleanaway Daniels suite of clinical products and accessories are designed as an end-to-end solution, providing safe and seamless transitions between different work environments and applications. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:

Training for proper Sharpsmart waste collection and disposal


  • On-site observation at individual sites to optimise waste movement and safety
  • Interviews with your staff to identify potential challenges and improve daily operations integration
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Contract implementation

  • Ongoing education and training to maximise and improve implementation
  • Feedback monitoring and optimisation as needed
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The Robotic Washline technology used at Cleanaway Daniels processing facilities decants, washes, sanitises and dries Sharpsmart reusable containers, resulting in a 106 log reduction in bacterial load. Containers are subjected to a stringent 8-step process that ensures it is safe for reuse before deployment.

Weigh and scan

After being added onto the robotic conveyor belt, containers are weighed and scanned to ensure traceability of origin.


The containers are automatically opened and upended to empty its content for processing


Containers are blasted with strong streams of water to flush out any residue, dried blood or residual fluid


The container is then put through a cold and hot water wash cycle


To ensure bacteria is eliminated, containers are rinsed twice with hot water at different temperatures


Containers are blow-dried to remove surface water


Containers are applied with a special coating that prevents sticky materials like adhesives, bodily fluids and blood from sticking.

Manual checks

All containers are put through a thorough quality assurance check to ensure they are undamaged and fit for service


General waste, recycling and more

As a total service provider, Cleanaway Daniels offers a full suite of waste management services with a comprehensive range of bin capacities, flexible collection schedules and sustainable options. These include but are not limited to:

  • General waste
  • Commingled recycling
  • Bathroom and sanitation
  • Industrial cleaning services
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Why sustainability is important to us

Doing business sustainably is important to us. We believe that we have an inherent responsibility to protect the world’s natural resources and to this end, we commit to choosing the most environmentally responsible methods of managing healthcare waste.